About Me

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Thanks for visiting my corner of the web. This place is filled mostly with short tutorials, thoughts and opinions on tech-related topics.

My name is Chris Arter, and I'm a 30-something-year-old Web Application Developer from sunny Florida. ☀️🌴

Origin story

My professional background is originally commercial aerospace, where I created the marketing strategy and branding for TAG Aero. We went on to become the #159 Fastest Growing Company in America, and subsiquently nabbing the #316 spot the following year.

Since we were a small, lean start up staff, I was also taking on development duties. After a few years, I realized development was my true passion, and pivoted into this industry full-time.


Today I write software for PartnerComm to support HR communications for Fortune 100 companies. I work in Wordpress, NodeJS, VueJS, and Laravel. I'm engaged to a wonderful woman and father to two beautiful girls.